Panvala wraps the existing ecosystem of grant funders, corporate open source projects and volunteers with a token that gives them all a shared incentive to find sustainable funding together.

Panvala Token Grants Program

Panvala Token Grants are issued to reward work that makes Ethereum safer. Batches of Panvala tokens are awarded every 3 months. The second batch of 2,034,798 tokens will be allocated on April 5, 2019.

You're in good company.

We're happy to have some of the top teams in the Ethereum community participating in the program.

Grants are issued through the Token Capacitor: A smart contract that is designed to accept donated tokens and release them in the form of grants to reward work that makes Ethereum safer.


The token capacitor smart contract starts with 50 million Panvala tokens.

Token Grant Releases


Initial Balance

Every 3 months, a new batch of tokens can be released to reward work. Every 4 years, half of the initial tokens will remain. Without donations, the Token Capacitor ultimately runs out of tokens.

That's why it was designed to be recharged. 



The Panvala Token Capacitor

50 million Panvala tokens

Token Donations

 Donors buy tokens from grant recipients and deposit them in the Token Capacitor to keep it charged up and rewarding work far past the initial 50 million tokens.


Our Goal: Sustainable funding to make Ethereum safer

Our goal is to reach equilibrium: the flow of tokens going into the capacitor as donations should equal the flow coming out as grants to ensure that our cooperation can be sustained forever.

When tokens are being deposited as fast as they're being released as grants, we've achieved sustainable cooperation.

What can you do with Panvala tokens?

Panvala tokens can be used for governing, staking, donating and selling in the Panvala system.

All these actions help Panvala grow a larger funding stream to organize all the work necessary to make Ethereum safer.


Help govern Panvala itself: People who have already made Ethereum safer will decide who should be rewarded for future work that makes Ethereum safer.  


Sell tokens to stakers or donors to replenish your funds.


Help govern the Panvala Mark staking game, where smart contract authors stake tokens that are lost if security flaws are found.


Deposit tokens you've earned back into the Token Capacitor so more tokens can be issued in future grants.

Staking games can be built using the Panvala token. These games will increase the demand for tokens, which makes it easier for grantees to fund their work. 

Panvala Mark is the first staking game that will be built on top of the Panvala token. To get a Panvala mark, smart contracts developers have to stake tokens that they will lose if security issues are found.

Ethereum wallets can display Panvala marks directly in the user interface.

Staking: Panvala Mark

Not secure


Safer Lvl 1

Safer Lvl 2

Safer Lvl 3

On October 25, 2018, the Panvala Mark Council voted to recommend that one Panvala mark be issued for SimpleMultiSig.

How we issued the first Panvala mark

Want to make Ethereum safer? 

Making Ethereum safer starts with Panvala allies. Panvala allies use their power to fulfill our mission. You don’t have to buy or donate Panvala tokens to be an ally. You just have to be willing to use your influence to make donations happen. Allies are loyal to the companies, merchants, and individuals who donate to Panvala.

"Something has fundamentally changed in society with the introduction of this new technology. We should all be trying to find out how to harness that, use it productively and prevent the bad things that it could create from actually happening. And for us to achieve that, we really have to work together."

Niran Babalola

Founder of Panvala

Panvala is being initiated by ConsenSys Diligence. We actively audit smart contracts and publish smart contract security best practices to advance the level of care we take as a community of smart contract developers. Our mission is to solve smart contract security so people can safely use this groundbreaking technology.

Meet The Team

Niran Babalola


Daniel Schifano


Romana Basilaris


Jacob Cantele


Akua Nti

Isaac Kang



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