We Connect Communities

Panvala powers communities with a share of its community endowment & connections to a vast network of like-minded individuals & projects.

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July 29, 2022
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Panvala is for

Every Kind of Community

Whether you meet in-person or online, you belong with Panvala.


Self-governing organizations that live and organize on the blockchain.


Events, conferences and retreats that create space for us all to connect and share.


People creating and building communities will find like minded-souls to learn and collaborate with.
How We Support You

Network Connections

Join a Coalition to connect and cross-pollinate with like-minded people.

Audience Amplification

Amplify your message using Panvala’s audience and network. We love talking and sharing about our members.

Shared Endowment

Claim a portion of the shared Panvala endowment to fund your community's activities.

Leadership Support

Connect with our knowledgeable community stewards when you are facing a new challenge.
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