Panvala is a donor-driven platform that helps fund the work the entire Ethereum community depends on. With the release of our beta, you can now help decide which work should be funded.

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Create Slates

Vote On Grants

Stake PAN tokens on existing slates to help decide which grant applications get funded.

Receive PAN tokens

As a reward for voting, you will receive 'real' PAN tokens when the system launches in August.

Create a list of all grant proposals you'd like to see funded. These lists of grant proposals are called slates.

What About Your Smart Contracts?

We're glad you asked! Our smart contracts are being audited by ConsenSys Diligence and are available for viewing.

Our Vision

Ethereum started with a crowdsale, but can only be sustained by us. We've built Panvala with the goal of sustainably rewarding the teams doing the work we all depend on, so that Ethereum can scale to serve as the hub of the decentralized world.

Panvala is launching on mainnet in August.


Share your feedback and help influence our roadmap.