Every 3 months, Panvala Token Grants are awarded to teams doing the work the Ethereum ecosystem depends on. 

We are funding Ethereum's future.

Batch Three: August 2, 2019

We have received nine grant applications for Batch 3 of Panvala Token Grants. Using our beta, the entire Ethereum community can vote on which projects should receive a PAN token grant... For the first time ever! The list of grant proposals is available to the public.

Batch Two: May 2, 2019

In Batch 2 of Panvala Token Grants, 7 teams were awarded a total of 2 034 798 PAN for the work they do to move Ethereum forward.

Lighthouse Ethereum 2.0 Single-Client Testnet

Sigma Prime is launching a single-client testnet that allows the public to run a set of validators on a Beacon Chain test network of Lighthouse clients.

Generalized State Channels For Connext

Connext is a scaling solution for the Ethereum network.To support use cases beyond payments, Connext will add support for Generalized State Channels using Counterfactual.

Counterfactual Metamask Integration

Prototypal is working with MetaMask to integrate the Counterfactual framework as a plugin. This integration is a significant step towards adoption of a generalized framework for state channels. 

400 000 PAN

300 000 PAN

350 000 PAN

Prysmatic Labs is launching a single-client testnet that allows the public to run a set of validators on a Beacon Chain test network of Prysm clients.

400 000 PAN

Prysm Ethereum 2.0 Single-Client Testnet

Ethers.js v5

Ethers.js is a Javascript library for Ethereum. Version 5 makes it easier to work with state channels, incorporates a toolchain similar to Ganache, and introduces a modular architecture to make it easier to extend the library.

Batch 2 Grant Recommendations

The Panvala Awards Committee (Pol Lanski, Evan Van Ness, Eric Conner) awarded itself the remaining PAN of the 2 034 798 PAN that was available for distribution.

Their work on reviewing and prioritizing grant applications is crucial to making Panvala work.

300 000 PAN

84 798 PAN

L4 will simplify documentation, demonstrate more example use cases and garner support from neighbouring communities to make Counterfactual more accessible for developers.

200 000 PAN

Counterfactual Developer Experience

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Batch One: February 1, 2019

In Batch 1 of Panvala Token Grants, 9 teams were awarded a total of 2 119 836 PAN for the work they do to move Ethereum forward.

Gnosis Safe Recovery

The Gnosis team received a Panvala grant for building Gnosis Safe’s Social Recovery, a solution for lost private keys that makes it more accessible to new audiences who have had great difficulty managing their keys.

Infrastructure Monitoring

The Status team is working on a platform to monitor and alert (and eventually mitigate) high-value blockchain assets. They published an article about how they will use their PAN tokens to drive security R&D in the Ethereum ecosystem forward.

What Would You Bounty?

Bounties Network is a platform for managing bounties on Ethereum using ETH or tokens. The team will distribute 80 % of the tokens they receive through bounties that can be done to improve Ethereum security.

375 000 PAN

200 000 PAN

240 000 PAN

Straightforward implementations of token voting have high gas costs. That’s why Aragon is building the Voting Relay Protocol (VRP), which allows voters to submit proofs of their token balances to relayers who staked tokens. This approach reduces the gas cost by a factor of ten.

300 000 PAN

Voting Relay Protocol

K Semantics For Web Assembly

KEVM allows specification of EVM smart contracts to be executed by the K framework. Models of Web Assembly and eWASM in K will be needed to formally verify these contracts. The Dapphub team is building KWASM and KEWASM for that purpose.

Tidbit Dynamic Oracles

Tidbit is a modular and compossible library for building oracles on Ethereum. For this grant, the team is adding data-feed style oracles that enable support for dynamic data such as token price.

KLab Explorer

KLab is a tool for generating and debugging K-framework reachability proofs, tailored for formal verification of smart contracts. The team is building out the client-server architecture further to provide an easy interface for exploring for developers.

200 000 PAN

200 000 PAN

175 000 PAN

Registry Builder is a readable and modular library for registries and TCR's. For this grant, the team will add support for new governance mechanisms. Reputation based voting, one person one vote and quadratic voting can then be added to the library.

175 000 PAN

Registry Builder Vote Weighting

Security Series

Hashing it out is a podcast that interviews people building systems using blockchain. They will produce five episodes about Ethereum security to help spread awareness about security best practices.

EthCC CTF Promotion

EthCC is an Ethereum conference organized in Paris by Asseth, a non-profit organization. During this conference, a Capture The Flag event was organized to aid in spreading knowledge about Ethereum security.

100 000 PAN

50 000 PAN

The Panvala Awards Committee evaluates token grant applications and makes recommendations to token holders. The meeting is available to the public.

100 000 PAN

Panvala Awards Committee

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