Chapters in Panvala are groups of related communities and causes that make up our movement. Every community joins a chapter when they join Panvala. The main way our member communities engage with the broader movement is through the chapter they’re part of. Chapters are where your community goes to stay up to date with what’s going on in Panvala, and to work together to help more communities join Panvala.

Just like Panvala itself is a network of interactions between communities, sponsors, and individual stamp collectors, you can think of each chapter as a sub-network within Panvala, with a focus on particular communities, sponsors, and stamp collectors. Each chapter works to grow and sustain Panvala within their own focus area.

Types of Chapters

Web3 Chapter

Our earliest communities are tied together by their shared interest in web3. Our communities come from all around the world, and are typically digital communities with many tech-minded members. These early communities formed the Web3 Chapter that continues to grow with more communities across web3.

Creating more global chapters like the Web3 Chapter isn’t a primary focus in the near future, but in theory, communities that share an interest that doesn’t depend on location can form topic chapters. These chapters help Panvala grow and adapt to the special characteristics of their communities. Since these chapters aren’t tied together by location, the stamps they collect typically come from online businesses with a national or global audience.

Network Chapters

Existing community networks can incorporate Panvala into their work by creating a network chapter as a partner network of Panvala. All of the member communities within a network chapter can start collecting stamps to earn funding without having to navigate a new organization. Instead, the partner network becomes their liaison with Panvala, and stamp collecting becomes part of the network’s culture rather than feeling like another initiative their communities need to keep track of.

Since the partner network takes on the role of running their own Panvala chapter, they can qualify to fund these operations with a percentage of the stamps their member communities collect.

Local Chapters

Local chapters organize communities, sponsors, and individual stamp collectors within a city or region. They can take advantage of national sponsor campaigns that apply to many chapters, but they also work to bring on local merchants as Panvala sponsors.

Operating a Chapter

Local and topic chapters can be run by paid teams or by volunteers. Panvala’s core teams focus on a limited number of chapters to grow and sustain, but volunteers can start chapters beyond those focus areas. Volunteer-run chapters are called provisional chapters. Provisional chapters are a way for volunteers to test out an area to see if a local or topic chapter in that area can grow.

Network chapters are run by the partner network that started the chapter. That network integrates Panvala into their own activity and communications with their member communities.

Chapters will receive 10% of the stamp redemption value of their communities. We recommend that chapters reward their guides with 25%-100% of this budget, and use any remaining amount on programs that help their chapter succeed.

Chapter Guides

Each chapter has a Chapter Guide and a Chapter Supporting Guide as their leadership team. Both Guides take on the same kinds of responsibilities. The Chapter Guide is primarily responsible and the Chapter Supporting Guide assists the Guide and fills in when necessary. Since every community’s interactions with Panvala are through their Chapter Guide and Supporting Guide, these roles have a broad range of responsibilities that Panvala assists them in fulfilling.

Chapter Guide Responsibilities                                                                       How Panvala Helps

Communications: Keep chapter communities                                    Panvala provides chapter guides with sample newsletters,
up to date with Panvala news, and make                                             answers to frequently asked questions, and people to reach out to for assistance.
yourself available for questions from communities
about Panvala.

Onboarding: Ensure that information about communities                 Panvala provides tools for communities to enter their own information directly,
in the chapter is provided to Panvala (especially contact                  and can accept information from chapter guides to enter in the right place on their behalf.
information and payment information like Ethereum
addresses) so the community appears as an option when
their members redeem stamps.

Growth: Reach out to communities that would be a good                 Panvala is often the first point of contact for interested communities,
fit for your Panvala chapter, and spread the word about                    and sends those communities to the chapter that is the best fit for them.
Panvala in your area.

Be on the lookout for potential stamp sponsors               Panvala helps chapters reach out to potential sponsors
that would be a good fit for your chapter’s communities to               and launch new stamp campaigns tailored to their chapter.
collect, and find out what sponsors chapter is interested in.

Integrate the information your communities need                Panvala provides sample slides to integrate into existing meetings,
to succeed with Panvala into your existing events and/or                 and sample event plans to convene your chapter.
host new events to give active communities and stamp
collectors a space to dive deeper.

Chapter Governance

  • In general, the Panvala League makes decisions with the consent of all member communities. When proposals are made, all member communities are given the opportunity to object to a proposal to create or dissolve a chapter. Objections can be handled by modifying the proposal, or by holding an off-chain for the proposal. Each community can vote, and their vote is weighted by the amount they’ve earned from Panvala during the previous quarter. A two-thirds supermajority vote is needed to approve proposals if an objection has been raised.
  • The Panvala League retains the power to create and dissolve each chapter, and to appoint their chapter guides. This process is intended to be governed by the chapters within the Panvala League, but until there are several chapters, the communities in the Panvala League govern this process.
  • Chapters can admit new communities directly without Panvala League approval. Chapters must follow Panvala’s guidelines for evaluating new communities to ensure that they align with the values and ethos of our movement.
  • Local and topic chapters give their member communities an opportunity to object to any new membership proposal, which can be handled by modifying the proposal, or by holding a vote for the proposal. Each community in the chapter can vote, and their vote is weighted by the amount they’ve earned from Panvala during the previous quarter. A two-thirds supermajority vote is needed to approve proposals if an objection has been raised.
  • Network chapters can continue to use their existing processes for adding new members.
  • Communities can move between chapters with the consent of both their current chapter and their new chapter. The Panvala League can override objections and move communities between chapters using Panvala’s general decision-making process.