Panvala is a network of communities and individual members who cooperate and earn perks from Panvala's shared endowment. It is is run by its members and includes:

  1. Communities
  2. Individual Members
  3. Coalitions
  4. Fellows & Committees

Powers of Communities

Community PAN token holders have responsibilities to:

  • Approve new communities joining Panvala
  • Communities interested in joining the league will be pre-screened by the membership committee before they submit a formal request to join Panvala. Panvala’s existing league of communities have the final sign-off on admitting new communities to Panvala. If there are no objections within a set amount of time, the community is admitted!
  • Approve Panvala’s quarterly endowment distributions
  • Panvala’s communities determine how much of the total inflation goes directly to communities and how much is used for Panvala’s common needs. Since Panvala’s inception, 75% of each quarter’s budget has been allocated to our communities, and 25% has been allocated for common needs like Panvala Fellows and the Activities Fund.
  • Allocate Panvala’s Endowment to each community. 
  • Calculating a community’s fair share of Panvala’s endowment involves calculating the current economic size, number of members, overall participation in Panvala, and the amount of PAN staked. Before distributions of PAN are made, the quarterly allocation amounts are reported to the communities. If there are no objections, distributions begin. 

Powers of Individuals 

Individual PAN token holders have responsibilities to:

  • Co-sign or veto the budget proposed by Panvala’s communities
  • Approve multisig signers for the Activities Fund

Powers of Fellows 

Panvala Fellows work on Panvala part-time by lending their skills wherever they think they can improve Panvala, and they earn rewards from Panvala’s endowment for their work. “Community Fellows” primarily work on keeping our communities plugged into Panvala and opportunities to help their communities thrive. Other Fellows bring whatever skills they have to offer and use them to improve Panvala. Panvala Fellows are community stewards who make Panvala happen. They have powers to self organize and responsibilities to: 

  • Approve new fellows joining the program
  • Design and operate their own rewards structure
  • Set priorities and create initiatives to push Panvala forward