Staking PAN

Staking $PAN has always been part of how Panvala works, and now that stamp collecting is the core of our movement, the benefits for staking $PAN need to be tied to the stamps each community has collected. Our general concept for this is staking bonus stamps. Staking earns your community a percentage bonus on top of the stamps they’ve collected.

Staking for Bonus Stamps

Panvala’s endowment runs on our own $PAN token. We encourage communities and individual stamp collectors in our movement to hold $PAN tokens because it helps kickstart our movement. The more people who hold $PAN tokens, the easier it is for Panvala to provide matching funds for the stamps our communities collect.

Panvala rewards communities and individuals who hold on to $PAN tokens with staking bonus stamps. Staking bonus stamps are a percentage reward on top of the stamps that a community has collected. Your community’s staking bonus stamps rate through quadratic voting, which uses both the number of stakers and the amount of $PAN held by each staker to determine each community’s bonus. That means the best way to increase your community’s staking bonus is to encourage more community members to stake.

It takes 64 people staking 1000 PAN each to earn a 100% bonus stamps rate. Twenty people would need to stake 10,000 PAN each. But one person would have to stake 4,000,000 PAN to earn a 100% bonus. Having more people in your community stake $PAN makes it way easier to earn a higher bonus.

Here are more scenarios to understand the ways your community can earn a higher bonus:

$PAN Stakers for a Community                                               Bonus Stamps Rate

4 people staking 1000 PAN or                                                    5%

1 person staking 10,000 PAN

7 people staking 1000 PAN or                                                   10%

2 people staking 10,000 PAN or

1 person staking 40,000 PAN

16 people staking 1000 PAN or                                                25%

5 people staking 10,000 PAN or

1 person staking 250,000 PAN

32 people staking 1000 PAN or                                                50%

10 people staking 10,000 PAN or

1 person staking 1,000,000 PAN

48 people staking 1000 PAN or                                                75%

15 people staking 10,000 PAN or

1 person staking 2,250,000 PAN

64 people staking 1000 PAN or                                                100% (maximum)

20 people staking 10,000 PAN or

1 person staking 4,000,000 PAN

To earn bonus stamps, you need to stake your $PAN tokens. Staking is like voting with your tokens. You can stake your $PAN tokens for the community you want to earn staking bonus stamps at once this quarter’s Staking Bonus Stamps poll has been posted.

When Do I Need to Hold $PAN?

The best time to get the $PAN you want to hold for your community is now! Panvala reminds all of our communities and individuals four weeks before the end of each quarter to hold the $PAN they would like to stake. Two weeks before the end of the quarter, a snapshot of all the $PAN balances are taken for the quarter.

When Do I Need to Stake My $PAN?

Once the quarterly $PAN balance snapshot is taken, all communities and individuals who hold $PAN will have two weeks to vote in this quarter’s Staking Bonus Stamps poll at The total quadratic voting weight for each community is used to determine the staking bonus stamps rate that community has earned.

In future quarters, stakers will also need to verify their identity with a tool like BrightID or Gitcoin Passport.

How is the Bonus Calculated?

We divide each community’s voting weight by 20, and use the resulting value as their bonus stamps percentage rate. (We chose 20 as the number to divide by using actual staking numbers from Panvala’s communities to ensure that reaching a 100% bonus (which doubles the value of each stamp) is achievable, but challenging. We intend to adjust this number in future quarters as needed.) Panvala will multiply the total value of the stamps your community has collected by your Bonus Stamps Rate, and add the result to the amount your community has earned.

Example Scenarios

Community Alpha collects $100 in stamps this quarter. Seven people from Community Alpha stake 1000 PAN each, which earns them a Bonus Stamp Rate of 10%. Community Alpha receives ($100 x 10%) + $100 = $110.

Community Beta collects $1000 in stamps this quarter. One person from Community Beta stakes 10,000 PAN, which earns the community a Bonus Stamp Rate of 5%. Community Beta receives ($1000 x 5%) + $1000 = $1050.

Staking Timeline

Quarterly Endowment Batch       Reminder to Hold $PAN     $PAN Balance Snapshot     Voting Deadline /

                                                                                                                                                                         End of Quarter

Batch 17                                              December 30, 2022             January 13, 2023                   January 27, 2023

Batch 18                                              March 31, 2023                     April 14, 2023                         April 28, 2023

Batch 19                                              June 30, 2023                       July 14, 2023                           July 28, 2023

Batch 20                                              September 29, 2023           October 13, 2023                   October 27, 2023

Batch 21                                              December 29, 2023             January 12, 2024                   January 26, 2024


This proposal will be adopted if there are no objections from Panvala League communities by Wednesday, November 23 at 7 pm EDT. If any community objects, we will attempt to revise the proposal to address their objections. If consensus cannot be reached, we can reach a final resolution through a vote of our member communities, where each community’s voting weight is determined by the amount they earned from Panvala last quarter (Batch 16).