You are the source of the value.

We want to build a world where community life can take center stage in our society. Corporate life and political life don’t need to take up so much space, but today, that’s where all the funding goes. Panvala is an endowment to fund community life, shared by the network of thousands of communities that help it grow. 

Panvala’s endowment helps you and your community capture more of the value you’ve already been creating. Across our economy, many businesses make money by selling your attention, your data, and your habits as a product. All that value comes from you, and instead should be controlled by you. That value should travel with you to any community you want to spend time with.

You’ll choose communities that use those resources to make your life better. You’ll choose communities that create their own spaces in the world that work the way you think they should. You’ll choose communities that pursue goals that fulfill you.

No one community has the power to reclaim this value on their own. But by connecting as many communities as possible, Panvala gives you and your community the collective power to control the value you already create in our economy. You can use that value to build your own vision of a better world.