Welcome to Panvala! Panvala is the sustainable treasury for communities to share. The share of PAN you hold is the share of Panvala's subsidies that your communities can enjoy in perpetuity. If BTC is digital gold and ETH is digital oil, PAN is a digital endowment for your community.

There are currently 47 communities in the Panvala League who allocate 75% of Panvala’s quarterly inflation using donation matching, with 7.5x matching last quarter. We believe that Panvala’s treasury grows stronger the more we share it, so we aim to grow the Panvala League from sixteen communities to thousands.

We want you and your community to join Panvala! If you're already set on joining, head to Join Panvala to get started. If you want to learn more about the Panvala League in particular, you can skip to that section of the handbook. If you want to learn more about Panvala's mission, read the Cultivating Civic Life in Cyberspace essay. Otherwise, the best way to use the handbook is to read pages in order—they're sorted in order of importance.

Stay Informed


The best way to dive into Panvala is to hang out with us! Here are calendars for Panvala-wide events, and events from communities in the Panvala League. Visit to see all of the upcoming events around Panvala's communities. You can subscribe to those calendars to get all of Panvala's events to show up on your personal calendar.


Following @PanvalaHQ on Twitter is the best way to keep up with what's going on in Panvala!

The Token Holders Association (THA) Forum

The THA Forum is where individuals from across Panvala's communities come together to socialize and discuss governance proposals. Sign up for the forum to get email notifications every time there's a new post.


The Panvala Discord server is where you can talk to other Panvala community members to get things done. The initial focus for the Discord server is governing the Activities Fund, but you can also get any question about Panvala answered on Discord.