Panvala Stamps

Panvala Stamps are NFTs that fund your community when you collect them. You can claim these stamps by making a purchase or completing an action, then redeem them for their face value with any community you choose.

The more stamps you collect, the more value we shift away from advertising middlemen like Facebook and into the budgets of communities across our society.

Interested in sponsoring a stamp? Email us at to get started.


Index Coop Stamp

Index Coop is on a mission to make crypto investing simple for everyone. Use Index Coop’s strategy tokens to safely and simply invest in crypto. With their indexes that hold tokens around specific crypto themes, you can invest in index tokens for long time horizons.

The Index Coop Stamp is funded with $3 for your community. To collect this Stamp, you need to sign-up for the newsletter or watch the "What is DPI?" video on YouTube and subscribe to their channel.

Rising $WORK Stamp by Opolis

Opolis is an employment cooperative designed by independent workers for independent workers. The Opolis platform provides employment and HR technology that streamline business complexities. With features including automated payroll, Health, Dental & Vision Insurance, and Employee Protections, to name a few, their offerings help you access employee benefits to suit your needs.

To collect Rising $WORK Stamps, refer new members to join Opolis. For every referral who joins Opolis and runs their second payroll, you will be eligible to receive a Stamp funded with $5.28 for your community.

Inverted Denver Stamp by Opolis

The Inverted Denver Stamp is inspired by the Inverted Jenny U.S. postage stamp, which were produced by a printing error and prized by stamp collectors due to their rarity. The Inverted Denver Stamp is also rare, with only 20 Stamps available for collection.

To collect this Stamp funded with $52.80 for your community, you need to make 5 new referrals to Opolis as of May 1st 2022. It is possible to earn multiple Inverted Denver Stamps if you make enough referrals.