Panvala Stamps

Panvala Stamp NFTs fund your community when you collect them! Mint City Stamps by making a donation to a community in your city. Earn Sponsored Stamps when you buy or use products from our sponsors.

Interested in sponsoring a stamp? Email us at to get started.

Are you new to crypto and not sure how to view your stamp NFT? Head here and learn how.

City Stamps

City Stamps help keep your city's money in your city's communities. Our stamp collectors mint stamps each quarter to support their favorite local communities, and we keep recruiting more collectors until our whole city is giving together.

Austin City Stamp

Sponsored Stamps

Collecting Sponsored Stamps whenever you buy or use products helps build an economy that fund communities first. Instead of paying advertising middlemen like Facebook, our sponsors pay communities communities like yours.

DAO Contributor Stamp by Govrn

Govrn is a contribution management tool that provides a way for DAO contributors to easily record (and categorize) their contributions, manage them, and even mint them on-chain (allowing true ownership of one’s own work). This helps to reduce the chaos in DAOs, as well as improving accountability.

The DAO Contributor Stamp is funded with $5 for your community. To collect this stamp, use Govrn to mint each of your contributions on chain. Each person can earn one stamp, and each community can earn up to $100 (20 stamps) from this stamp campaign.

Liftoff Stamp by Reach[Hub]

‍The Reach[Hub] is the community where blockchain builders connect, create and conquer. Our goal is to support your growth and help you reach success by sharing decades of experience in development, business, and more. If you're a motivated developer looking to take your project, business, or career to the next level, we want you to join us!

The Liftoff Stamp by Reach[Hub] is funded with $5 for your community. To collect this stamp, learn more about Reach[Hub] and apply to join the program. You'll earn the stamp after you've paid for your first month in Reach[Hub].

Face of Logos DAO Stamp

The Logos exchange is where you will find the best DAOs on the planet. is an explorer that provides visibility and access into the DAOs we love and support. With Logos DAO, people can find DAOs that match their interests, learn how to join them, and complete quests to get involved.

The Face of Logos Stamp is funded with $1.50 for your community. To collect this stamp, follow Logos DAO on Twitter, sign up for the DAO or Never newsletter, and/or subscribe to the DAO or Never podcast.

Smiling Angel and Beaming Angel Stamps by GenerousAF

GenerousAF is a foundation giving grants & scholarships to push innovations in STEAM that uplift others and their communities.

The Smiling Angel Stamp is funded with $1 for your community. To collect this stamp, share GenerousAF on social media! You can come up with your own post, or you can share one of GenerousAF's Story Highlights on Instagram at

The Beaming Angel Stamp is funded with $10 for your community. To collect this stamp, share a story on social media about being generous. Make sure you tag and #generousafangel in your post.

Index Coop Stamp

Index Coop is on a mission to make crypto investing simple for everyone. Use Index Coop’s strategy tokens to safely and simply invest in crypto. With their indexes that hold tokens around specific crypto themes, you can invest in index tokens for long time horizons.

The Index Coop Stamp is funded with $3 for your community. To collect this Stamp, you need to sign-up for the newsletter or watch the "Set Protocol Vaults | Beneath the Hood of DPI" video on YouTube and subscribe to their channel.

Rising $WORK Stamp by Opolis

Opolis is an employment cooperative designed by independent workers for independent workers. The Opolis platform provides employment and HR technology that streamline business complexities. With features including automated payroll, Health, Dental & Vision Insurance, and Employee Protections, to name a few, their offerings help you access employee benefits to suit your needs.

To collect Rising $WORK Stamps, refer new members to join Opolis. For every referral who joins Opolis and runs their second payroll, you will be eligible to receive a Stamp funded with $5.28 for your community.

Inverted Denver Stamp by Opolis

The Inverted Denver Stamp is inspired by the Inverted Jenny U.S. postage stamp, which were produced by a printing error and prized by stamp collectors due to their rarity. The Inverted Denver Stamp is also rare, with only 20 Stamps available for collection.

To collect this Stamp funded with $52.80 for your community, you need to make 5 new referrals to Opolis as of May 1st 2022. It is possible to earn multiple Inverted Denver Stamps if you make enough referrals.

Panvala IRL Stamp

Panvala has minted a series of stamps to hand out in real life at conferences and events to help you experience Stamp collecting for the first time.

To collect this Stamp, get a "mint code" from a Panvala team member or sponsor at an event.