Technical Details

Panvala runs on a new economic model — it's a donor-driven platform that runs on its own currency. That way, anyone in our community can have a stake in making more donations flow through the platform, not just the staff of a nonprofit organization.

You don't need to understand the technical details of Panvala to be an effective patron, but to get started, dive into our explainer video that gives an overview of the system.

Background on the Alpha MVP

Our VP of product, Jacob Cantele, on our Alpha Build:

"The alpha is an important step to validating the assumptions we’ve made so far, and we’ll be synthesizing all of the feedback we’re receiving from real users as we plan our next steps. Next, we’ll be releasing the second round of token grants and releasing a public beta that includes staking and our donation flow, while tracking towards our mainnet launch in August. 

Our donors appreciate knowing that Panvala’s token holders will be doing the work of identifying the best possible grant applications to be funded with their contributions."

Slate governance allows an individual or organization on our platform to curate a slate of proposals (a registry), and have that slate compete with other slates on the platform for the support of token holders. Slate governance is more similar to representation in a voting system, and solves the problem of low-voter knowledge of each individual proposal existing in a registry.

Watch Niran's talk on slate governance

Slate Governance and Grant Allocation

Our Roadmap